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Recycled Saddle Mop

Recycled Saddle Mop

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Economical and efficient - this handy wet mop is great for general purpose cleaning in your kitchen or cafeteria. With various color options, The HeRO Saddle Mop’s looped-end design provides a better and longer-lasting tool than comparable cut-end mops. This medium-sized mop features a 5" mesh blend band.

100% Recycled - Designed with 100% recycled materials originating from post-consumer soda bottles and post-industrial cotton, this mop is designed for commercial use and repeated laundering.

Loop Ended – Looped ended mops are more durable and launderable than cut-end mops. This design features also expands the mop’s surface area, resulting in a far more efficient tool.

  • Product Dimensions: Length - 15.0 in | Width - 17.0 in 
  • Case Dimensions: Length - 16.15 in | Width - 10.15 in | Height - 15.25 in
  • Case Weight: 16.8 lbs 
  • Product Weight: 17.0 oz


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