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Quick-Connector Mop

Quick-Connector Mop

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Quick Connector - Most economical mops are constructed using a thin paper connector that easily breaks. What’s more, replacing these cheap saddle mops is a disgusting chore, forcing employees to physically unscrew the handle, pull out the soiled mop by hand, and insert a replacement. The HeRO Quick-Connector Mop avoids this hassle with a simple, easy to use, plastic connector.

Non Metal – The HeRO Quick-Connector Mop is constructed entirely without metal. This makes the mop a perfect choice for high risk facilities like correctional and rehabilitation institutions. For added convenience, all HeRO Quick Connector cases can be constructed entirely from cardboard and tape thus eliminating the need for metal staples. 

  • Product Dimensions: Length - 18.0 in | Width - 14.0 in 
  • Case Dimensions: Length - 16.15 in | Width - 10.15 in | Height - 15.25 in
  • Case Weight: 15.9 lbs
  • Product Weight: 18.0 oz


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