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Green Scouring Pads (40-Pack)

Green Scouring Pads (40-Pack)

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Full Case - Includes 6 Pad Sets = 240 individual pads

Universal Cleaning - Designed for quick, effective cleaning on a variety of common surfaces, the HeRO (40-Pack) of Scouring Pads can easily remove baked-on food in difficult corners and hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for removing grease and food residue, these scouring pads feature tough abrasive fabric that makes fast work of medium-duty cleaning jobs.

In addition to routine foodservice cleaning tasks, the HeRO Scouring Pads can clean walls, railings, floors, desks, coffee makers, base boards, stairways, countertops, and much more!

  • Pad Dimensions: Length – 6.0 in | Width – 4.5 in | Height – 0.3 in 
  • Case Dimensions: Length – 18.13 in  | Width – 8.38 in | Height – 14.75 in
  • Case Weight: 8.0 lbs 
  • Product Weight: 0.08 oz


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