What is Microfiber?

What is Microfiber?

One of the most common “technical” questions I receive from clients is, “What is microfiber?” This is a great question, and one that helps buyers understand the vast array of products currently on the market.


If you Google microfiber mops, the search will generate an endless list of products with varying specifications, product compositions, and brand names. This daunting list is filled with contradictory information, inaccurate consumer reviews, and prices that don’t seem to add up. After reviewing this mountain of information, my customers end their search frustrated and left without answers.


To better understand what microfiber actually is, it's important to first understand the technical definition of denier (duh-neer): first developed in the early fourteenth century, denier is a measurement of linear density that's calculated by weighing 9,000 meters of a single fabric strand and expressing its weight in grams. This measurement must take place at 70 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity at 65 percent. Microfiber is any fabric that measures less than one denier (or 9,000 meters of fabric that weighs less than 8,999 grams). Here is the technical calculation: 8,999 grams / 9,000 yards of fabric = 0.999 denier.


Ta-da! Now you have a random fact for your next cocktail party! In all seriousness, as long as a fabric measures less than one denier, it’s considered microfiber. More importantly, as long as a mop is constructed from fabric that weighs less than one denier, that mop is considered a microfiber mop!


However, this simple measurement doesn’t give us a complete picture. Furthermore, it doesn’t help explain the inconsistent prices seen on today’s market. This leads us to the cautionary statement of BUYER BEWARE! Many of the mops sold on today’s market are manufactured using cheap synthetic fibers and constructed without vital mop components like bartacks, tail-bands or scouring pads. Without these features, your custodial staff will be left short-handed, and unable to tackle the tough cleaning task your business requires.


Our team has spent countless hours testing different styles of microfiber mops, and we have used this knowledge to create the HeRO Microfiber Mop! This mop is the Ferrari of floor care and features all the vital components necessary to keep your floors glimmering!


***Bonus Info*** Customers often complain about the “weight” of microfiber mops. This complaint typically occurs when a custodian first starts using the product. This sensation of “heaviness” is the result of the mop’s density and is due to its ultra-fine construction. Since high-quality microfiber mops are created from durable polyester blends this fiber can be woven many more times than cotton yarn, or cheap polyester substitutes. This high-density weave produces microscopic looped ends that reach deep into flooring. These ends produce a dragging sensation that result in the mop feeling heavy. When responding to this complaint, we inform users that the HeRO Microfiber Mop is actually our lightest mop, weighing just 16 ounces!


If you would like to learn more about microfiber mops, or have an interest in purchasing our products for your custodial operation, please give me a call - (949) 838-7076

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